Huge Gold Opportunity …. by Erik Sprott

Don’t Miss this Golden Opportunity! By: Eric Sprott, Original article see here… Gold declined from $1,900 in September 2011 to $1,188 on December, 19, 2013. Silver declined from $48.50 to $18.50 over approximately the same time frame. Precious metal equities declined by approximately 70% over this period.1 This move down played out exactly as was scripted. […]

The Coming Silver Storm : Public Are Not Prepared……by SRSrocco

THE COMING SILVER STORM: The Public Is Not Prepared Filed in Energy, Precious Metals by SRSrocco on February 17, 2014 The financial sky is growing dark.  The stock markets are experiencing volatile trade winds.  The barometer of the economy grows weak as indicators point to another recession looming on the horizon. The Precious Metal Storm is coming… unfortunately, […]

“Money Launderer Until Proven Innocent” – Italy Imposes 20% Withholding Tax On all Inbound Money Transfers ……Courtesy of Zerohedge

“Money Launderer Until Proven Innocent” – Italy Imposes 20% Tax Withholding On All Inbound Money Transfers While the propaganda surrounding Europe’s “recovery” has reached deafening levels, what is going on behind the scenes is quite the opposite, and in the latest example that Europe is increasingly formalizing a regime of implicit capital controls, we learn […]

China’s 2013 Gold Demand Surpasses 2,716 Tons……by Alasdair Macleod

Original article by Alasdair see here The China Gold Association this week released estimates for China’s “gold consumption” for 2013 at 1,176 tonnes. Furthermore the CGA reported China’s own gold production at 428 tonnes. The CGA’s figures were significantly less than recorded imports into China from Hong Kong. Instead, on my analysis, the CGA figures do not […]