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Why are Precious Metals Not Performing and What to Expect….. by Mitch – Silver Sufferer

Why are Precious Metals Falling in Price What can we expect in the future and timing the moves. by Mitch – Silver Sufferer I have received quite a few calls questioning me on the enormous detrimental performance of Silver and Gold these last few months but especially these last 2 years. Considering the fundamental macro […]

UK Property Market & MSM awakening….28/11/13 by Mitch – Silver Sufferer

It seems that the Main Stream Media (financial writers, editors and general news reporters) have at last awoken to the complete farcical situation in the UK’s property market, that has been made much worse by the Conservative Government’s blatant cynical electioneering ploy to push house prices higher into the General election in 18 months time. […]

It’s the Debt Stupid ! (A play on a Clinton phrase)…. by Mitch Written September 2013 – Silver Sufferer

It’s the Debt, stupid ! (A play on Clinton’s phrase)  by Mitch BIS complete Policy Reversal War Inevitable ? Clinton’s famous successful 1992 presidential campaign phrase “It’s the economy, stupid” against sitting president George Bush Senior. Actually to be more accurate, it really should be  “It’s the debt, stupid”. An economy cannot sustain a future […]