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The Big Reset, Part 2…… Koos Jansen interviews Willem Middelkoop

Original post at Koos Jansen site In Gold We Trust The Big Reset, Part 2 This is part two of a Q&A with Willem Middelkoop about his new book The Big Reset. In his book a chapter on the ‘War on Gold’ takes a prominent position. Willem has been writing about the manipulation of the gold pricesince 2002 based […]

Open Letter to the CPM Group …… by Koos Jansen

In all good faith to precious metal investors, I have to post this recent CPM Group notification; the blatant corruption of this organisation (led by Jeff Christian) is spectacular beyond belief. Even though it has been proven (through factual data presented in court) that several bullion banks have clearly broken commodity laws trading on the […]

Gold Inversion & Inflection in February 2014………by Martin Amrstrong

Gold & the Inversion Posted on January 21, 2014 by Martin Armstrong QUESTION: Marty, Long time reader.  According to your September 15, 2011 issue, the computer, in its first writing since 1999, pontificated it’s forecast on gold. On page 14 the computer said: Utilizing a composite structure in cyclical timing analysis, the key months for a turning point in NY […]

Chinese Gold Leasing: Hidden Danger… Koos Jansen

Original post at Koos Jansen site In Gold We Trust Chinese Gold Leasing: Hidden Danger I got this article from a source in the mainland. In short, some enterprises in China use gold leasing from banks to solve their short-term funding problems in the hope of buying back the gold at lower levels to repay the lease. However […]

Chart Binge Treat on the Real Economy & Markets

What Do “Insiders” Know That You Don’t? What 1,592 Days Of Central Planning Looks Like   “X” Marks The Spot Of The Death Of Monetary Policy $1 Trillion worth of central banking money printing around the world just does not seem to go as far as it used to… behold, the death cross of faith in monetary […]

Is The US Running Out of Gold Scrap ?……….by SRSrocco

Is The U.S. Running Out of Gold Scrap? Filed in Precious Metals by SRSrocco on January 20, 2014 As the U.S. economic and financial system continue down the road of self-destruction, there is an increasing amount of evidence that suggests the day of reckoning is fast approaching One such indicator is the amount of U.S. gold export […]

Andy Hoffman’s Daily Thoughts

Andy Hoffman’s Daily Thoughts Very Strong U.S. Mint Sales to Start 2014 01-20-2014 09:15:54 AM On January 7th, we wrote of how the “Noose of reality continues to tighten” on TPTB; in their soon-to-miserably-fail attempt to control perception via unprecedented levels of money printing, market manipulation and propaganda. Moreover, we last week discussed the fraudulent “recovery” that […]

Courtsey of Nick Laird – Gold Market Story in 10 charts

Courtsey of Nick Laird, who is the founder of, the largest source of precious metals related data on the world. Sharelynx is recommended for both the professional investor but also the precious metals enthusiast.  In this article, Nick Laird shows the gold market as it is today in ten charts. The charts tell a story, and Nick did an […]