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Chart Binge Treat on the Real Economy & Markets

What Do “Insiders” Know That You Don’t? What 1,592 Days Of Central Planning Looks Like   “X” Marks The Spot Of The Death Of Monetary Policy $1 Trillion worth of central banking money printing around the world just does not seem to go as far as it used to… behold, the death cross of faith in monetary […]

Podcast : David Collum : Broken Markets, State Capitalism, Gold Accumulation & Eroding Liberty….by Peak Prosperity

A very good podcast update by David Collum & Chris Martenson. at Peak Prosperity  David Collum: Broken Markets, State Capitalism & Eroding Liberty Understanding the dominant trends of 2013 by Adam Taggart Sunday, December 22, 2013 Annual chronicler Dave Collum sits down with Chris again this year to discuss the major themes of his epic2013 Year […]

2014 into 2015, What Does It Hold For Us ?….. by Mitch – Silver Sufferer

  Happy New Year We have entered 2014 with such extreme optimism in the Western World, which has been widely reported in the mainstream media with soaring stock markets, house prices bounding ahead and the Middle East uprisings ostensibly diminished  – all is well in the World. Now I am not writing this piece as […]

Video & pdf : David Collum’s year 2013 in Review….. via Peak Prosperity

Below the Pdf section you will find the RT video, where David Collum talks about his review. Every year, David Collum writes a detailed “Year in Review” synopsis full of keen perspective and plenty of wit. This year’s is no exception. The 89-page tour-de-force is a must-read this holiday season for perspective on where we have […]

Ever-Greening, Spain’s Bad Loans Jump to New Record, by Mitch – Silver Sufferer, December 18th

Ever-Greening, Europe’s Banking Sector Closet Full of Skeletons are falling Out ! This is Not Simply Isolated to the Spanish Banking Sector Written by Mitch, December 18th  Banking Sector / Institutions refer to this little game as ‘Ever-greening’, I prefer to call it ‘Spraying manure onto your balance sheet !!!’. In the good old days […]

Distorted Market in UK Mortgage Rates are about to be Reverted, by Mitch – Silver SuffererDec 16th 2013

Distorted Market in UK Mortgage Loan Interest Rates, presently at Historical Extremes Are About to be Reverted by Mitch, December 16th 2013 Loan rates (Mortgages, Car Loans, Loans for Businesses etc..) are priced off the Interest Rate returns placed on Government Issued Debt in the form of UK Gilts. This has historically been true since […]