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” I feel it is perhaps even more important to help to educate those who wish to learn, about the growing financial disaster we all face, which in my humble opinion will make the collapse of 2007-2009 seem minor by comparison.

I strongly believe that successful long term investing requires a solid foundation and understanding of the present macro-economic backdrop and of the wider issues that the Politicians, Economists and Central Bankers would prefer we simply ignore or not have any knowledge off.

I merely try to open peoples eyes to the facts apparent in the underlying data and hope that they gain enough confidence to trust their instincts when making financial decisions.

I approach my long-term trading strategies from a knowledge based on how all markets and assets classes are inexorably linked to each other within major cycle trends influenced by major capital flows. ”


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9 Trillion US$ Carry Trade That May Take The World Economy Down. What Is It Exactly? by Silver Sufferer 15th March 2015

9 Trillion US$ Carry Trade That May Take The World Economy Down

What is it exactly?

Written by Silver Sufferer 15th March 2015

Broadly speaking, the term “carry-trade” simply means borrowing at a low interest rate and investing in an asset that provides a higher rate of return.

This in turn has evolved into a global tide of money that borrows money in a very low yielding currency (that is supported by the country in question that supports a lower or soft currency to boost their own economy) and then converts that borrowed currency into a higher yielding currency to invest it for much higher returns, for example bonds, corporate debt, property, businesses etc.

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