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By | December 12, 2013

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Silver_Surfer 2A little background on the ‘Silver Sufferer’………

Having spent over 20 years working as a trader in the financial markets for a number of major investment banks in Financial Centres (Europe, USA and Asia). I decided seven years ago that the time had come to dedicate myself to managing and investing my own money on a full-time basis.

I became seriously concerned that a major economic crash was imminent from early 2007, I used the market knowledge I had gained to identify the best trades I could put on to protect and actually grow my wealth for the long term benefit of my family.

I enjoyed considerable success early on, and shared my views and ideas with a few close friends. Gradually I have evolved into a new role (quite by accident) over the last few years by writing reports and sending articles and focused research to a growing number of individuals who have sought my help and advice in investing their money.

I have been closely studying the precious metals market in particular for a number of years and purchasing quantities of Gold and Silver since as early as 2005. I have over the years, developed a number of relationships with major Precious Metal wholesale dealers in Europe and Asia, while also advising and helping friends / clients buy into this asset class.

I feel it is perhaps even more important, to help to educate those who wish to learn, about the growing financial disaster we all face, which in my humble opinion will make the collapse of 2007-2009 seem minor by comparison.

I strongly believe that successful long term investing requires a solid foundation and understanding of the present macro-economic backdrop and of the wider issues that the Politicians, Economists and Central Bankers  would prefer we didn’t know. I merely try to open peoples eyes to the facts apparent in the underlying data and hope that they gain enough confidence to trust their instincts when making financial decisions.

I approach my long term trading strategies from a knowledge based on how all markets and assets classes are inexorably linked to each other within major cycle trends in capital flows.

This may seem over-simplified, but with financial markets artificially supported and manipulated with truly grotesque amounts of currency created by World Central Banks and Government deficit spending programs with the aim of keeping alive their Socialistic dreams, it can confuse the best of us and hence a long term plan should be formulated and constantly verified.

You will find my own analysis ‘Silver Sufferer Posts’ under the ‘Category’ heading in the right column of the page.

Considering this site is relatively new, a great many of my articles are not yet posted.

I will also post videos and podcasts and articles (from other sources) I feel are relative to where our monetary system and markets are headed.

If you would like my help or advice then please contact me.

Best of luck






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