IMF Urging Rapid 2014 Expropriation of 10% of Everyone’s Accounts …. By Martin Armstrong

By | January 7, 2014

holdupTo all who have cash holdings within the banking system of the European Union, be warned you are taking an enormous risk with your wealth. 

Courtesy of Zerohedge, Pater Tenebrarum discusses the IMF ‘One-off’ Wealth Tax, read here


IMF Urging Rapid Seizure of Funds in Europe

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Yes the French elites are using the IMF to urge the confiscation of everyone’s accountsURGENTLY. The French have a long history of confiscating assets. This is a political belief in France that has been ingrained there for centuries. Napoleon actually imprisoned the Pope and confiscated the Papal States and took Venice. I do not speculate. I am interested in facts. Once a nation has done it before – they inevitably turn to that practice once again. It is just the way it is – not opinion.

We are now reviewing the timing. It appears that Spain passing these laws against protests that include the protection of bankers and the IMF urging again for a rapid confiscation, there is a possibility that events overtake politics and the May elections might be just too far away to wait this time plus the IMF is clearly insane and is most likely judging how it got away with it in Cyrus so it will be no big deal in Europe. Politicians realize one thing. The attention span of the public is less than a fly. At least a fly is persistent – the public forget and move on. I suppose we do not find shit as memorable as a fly.


The French Assignats were paper money many point also went into hyperinflation. However, picking up the rug shows something more than the failure of another revolutionary government’s paper money. There was a backing. But what? Assignats were paper money issued by the National Assembly in France from 1789 to 1796, during the French Revolution. These Assignats were issued after the confiscation of churchproperties in 1790 because the government was bankrupt. Yes, these good Catholics stole the land and property of the Church to back their currency. Didn’t Henry VIII of England do the same thing? For you see, taxes may be really for the common folk, but so is religion.

Even the President of the USA does not want to waste time.when he has to go to church on Sunday. After all, he is very busy laying plans to torture people, deny trials to others, reading people’s Tweets, scanning Facebook to make sure the kids are not organizing, or he may need to invade Syria or anyone else who can’t really fight back Of course, he also has to try to remember to keep his lies straight when he addresses the public about taxes (including Obamacare) and civil rights all during services to make sure he is efficient since he plays more golf than anyone who ever held that office

Thank God this is Socialism. Can you image what the world would be like if these people didn’t care? (or should I say care only about themselves) :)

And his previous piece……….

The Coming 2014 Expropriation of 10% of Everyone’s Accounts

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Anyone who thinks it is a fantasy that government will simply just confiscate 10% of everyone’s accounts in Europe better have another look at the fool they see in the mirror staring back at them. This IMF solution is traditionally French and is really coming because the people in charge are effectively Marxists and this idea came from the IMF under the control of French ideology. They willexpropriate these funds to save a banking system that they screwed up and will never reform anything because they are incapable of admitting any mistake.

These European government officials really are playing a dangerous game that is inviting total chaos, civil unrest, and may set themselves up for invasion. Instead of Napoleon invading Russia (1812.479), it may be the other way around when they smell weakness.

Lagarde Christine imf

Let me make this very clear. I have many French friends and they know the people in charge are just Marxists. Adam Smith wroteWealth of Nations because he visited France to investigate Physiocracy that argued agriculture was the only real wealth. Karl Marx did not come up with Communism himself. He was more of a socialist. He did not advocate confiscating all property. It was the French movement of a commune at the time that convinced him their way was better. It was Engels who steered Marx into Communism. These ideas have emerged from France and this is why we have some of the most insane ideas still emerging from this country. There is a core philosophy among some that this socialism is correct.

The IMF proposal to expropriate everyone’s accounts in Europe will happen. The consequences could be absolutely the collapse in confidence that will be off the charts. Why should people trust government ever again or any bank for that matter?


My advice to Europe – move as much as you can… – Hollande will come up with that one you can bet. He will weaken Europe and destroy the future of generations yet to come.

When they took the funds in Cyprus, the EU did not distinguish between European, American, or Russian accounts.

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