Courtsey of Nick Laird – Gold Market Story in 10 charts

By | January 18, 2014

Courtsey of Nick Laird, who is the founder of, the largest source of precious metals related data on the world. Sharelynx is recommended for both the professional investor but also the precious metals enthusiast. 

In this article, Nick Laird shows the gold market as it is today in ten charts. The charts tell a story, and Nick did an excellent job visualizing the storyline. He combines chart analysis with the futures market structure and COMEX gold stocks. Astonishingly, all data points confirm the same direction: the gold bull market is in the process of resuming its uptrend.

The banks are long gold:

CFTC bank participation January 2014 investing

 They are withdrawing supplies:

COMEX registered gold stocks 2002 2014 investing

COMEX Gold stock eligible 2002 2014 investing


Cots are positions perfectly for a bull run to start:

Gold COT Futures January 2014 investing


Pivot point time – double bottom:

COMEX Gold 2003 2014 investing


Silver double bottom:

Time to breakout & soar:



Time to get out of it’s funk:

Never been a better buy:

Just bounced off one of it’s most oversold phases:



You decide…………….






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