Let’s Get Physical Gold …. by John Hathaway

Original article here at Tocqueville.com   Let’s Get Physical   Money printing by world central banks, it would seem, has propelled the prices of all things rare. The list includes fine art, vintage wines and antique sports cars. It is front page news that the flood of paper money has enhanced the quotation of almost […]

The Need For China To Buy Gold ….. by Koos Jansen

Original post at Koos Jansen site In Gold We Trust The Need For China To Buy Gold The other day Zero Hedge posted an image from a quarterly financial report from the Chinese central bank, the PBOC. When I first looked at it I thought for a minute the PBOC had announced a raise in their official gold holdings. Then […]

UK Inexorably Heads Towards It’s Final Day of Reckoning

As I have written about recently on a few occasions (see here), UK Coalition Government has purposefully re-inflated the giant credit bubble to give the impression that the country has turned a corner. After suffering the worst economic collapse since the 2nd World War our glorious leaders have put us back on the path to […]